Digital Identity Verification

Stop fraud at the front door with RiskSeal Digital Identity Verification solution.

What is Digital Identity Verification?

Identity verification is the key to unlocking customer trust. Businesses need to know who they are dealing with in order to serve real valuable customers instead of anonymous fraudsters and criminals.

Identity verification involves confirming the authenticity of an identity, ensuring that an individual is indeed who they claim to be and not a fake or synthetic identity.

Digital Identity Verification focuses on collecting and verifying publicly available information, typically at the point of onboarding a new customer.

Fight Fraud without creating any friction

Fraudsters never use their real identities. They either use stolen or synthetic identities. Digital identity verification makes it more difficult to create a fake identity, reducing the risk of identity fraud.

RiskSeal utilizes real-time passive checks that take place in the background while customers sign up for your services or transact within your app.

Global Solution

RiskSeal uses users' email and phone for digital identity verification. Both are global unique identifiers that offer rich insights into an identity.
According to Market.US, over 92% of people in developed countries use email and more than 60% of world population have at least one personal email address.

This makes it a universal solution for perfect onboarding that doesn’t add any friction.

Stop free trial abuse

Fraud is like a water that will find its way through the weakest link. Free trial abuse become more common with each day and business need to be properly equipped.

RiskSeal offers unparalleled detection capabilities for temporary phone numbers and single use email addresses.

RiskSeal's email intelligence will help you reduce false positives and strengthen detection of automated attacks.

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